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1896. In the small and poor country of Greece, the enthusiasm for the undertaking of the organization of the first modern Olympic Games bordered on national delirium. The success of the games was a national cause for the Greeks.

In the same period, in the eastern Aegean Sea, in the island of Chios that was still under Turkish occupation, Ioannis Stoupakis, a father of seven children, set out with a cauldron from Tallaros, to go to Dafnonas, his home town, to engage in farming, the production of olive oil and ouzo.

The unique recipe, based on aniseed from Chios, made Ioannis Stoupakis's ouzo particularly popular in the area, and in 1900 he managed to obtain an official license from the Turkish authorities in order to establish a distillery in Dafnonas.

The ouzo travelled to all the villages of the island, even to the northernmost ones, while trade with the coast of Asia Minor flourished.

Alexandros Stoupakis, the youngest of the seven brothers, continued what his father had started. In 1990, the founder's grandson, Yiannis Stoupakis, produced the ouzo labelled "Kazanisto", keeping its traditional flavour unalterable and giving emphasis to the unique manner of its production.

In 2008, the companyís shareholding structure was strengthened with new shareholders and its trade style was changed to ďStoupakis Distillery of Chios S.A.Ē. At the same time, a new production unit was established, which modernized the entire production procedure, maintaining however the traditional way of distilling ouzo.

Today, the unique ďKazanistoĒ ouzo produced by the Stoupakis family is still offering everybody a distinctive taste.


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